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On my way…

Posted By: Erica

I leave on Saturday from Cairo to Dubai, the main port of entry to Kabul. Before I leave, I thought I’d send another quick note on some of the work I hope to accomplish on behalf of CIVIC in Afghanistan.

For those of you have been following CIVIC’s work, you already know there have been some amazing successes. Yet there are still many new opportunities for getting help to the thousands of Afghans who have suffered in the recent conflict. In its last appropriations cycle, Congress announced that it would earmark $2 million for the Post Operations Humanitarian Fund (POHRF). Seven NATO countries have also contributed to the fund aimed at helping victims of NATO combat operations in Afghanistan. (Read more about the POHRF program).

One of my main jobs for CIVIC in Afghanistan will be to dig a little deeper into how these funds are distributed and kept track of – how are the civilian losses recognized and investigated? Are funds distributed ad hoc or is there a system to ensure that they are distributed equitably? What kind of training do soldiers receive in recognizing a claim and ensuring that it is reported to the right person? Continue reading