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Kabul then and now…

Posted By: Erica

021608bFridays are the only “weekend” day here since Afghanistan has a six-day work week. On my Friday-weekend, I decided to get out of the office-home-office routine to get a better sense of Kabul. I have an Afghan-American friend here who grew up in Kabul but was sent to the States in the early 70s for high school and college. He drove me through his childhood neighborhood nearby Darulaman Palace, which was built by King Amannullah in the 1920s. Once an imposing, neo-classical palace, Darulaman Palace is now a skeleton of smashed columns and bombed out cupolas, with barbed wire chaining off parts of it.

The boulevard leading up to the palace is long and wide, and used to be lined with poplar trees. It is now lined with bullet-pocked buildings and shells of former neighborhoods. The road has as many potholes as smooth patches, but my friend said it used to be the best in Kabul. So good that it was the place Afghan kids would take their parents’ cars and go drag racing (at the risk of getting caught by the curmudgeony old Policeman who usually stood guard). Continue reading