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    On this blog, you will find stories from our travels around the world as we meet with civilians and military, aid organizations and government in our quest to get war victims the help they need.

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A note on ACAP from CIVIC’s home office

Posted By: Sarah

Well, we’re using a lot of acronyms here. So I thought I’d clarify things a bit.  The Afghan Civilian Assistance Program (what we call ACAP) was created by Senator Leahy with the help of our own Marla Ruzicka.  It helps war victims unintentionally created by the US military its allies there in Afghanistan.  I visited a few projects when I was in the country and was utterly impressed by how just a little money can change for the better lives of war victims.  Erica’s over there now and seeing these projects for herself.  Our hope is that we can get NATO countries (rather than just the United States) to donate funds to this amazing program

 If you live in a NATO country, please get in touch.  We have a letter writing campaign for you!