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Lebanon to Israel… via Jordan

Posted By: Sarah

We’re in Israel now, but only just. Having grown fond of the many wonderful people we met in southern Lebanon, our departure seemed to come almost too soon.

Still, we were able to accomplish so much in those five days. The devastation suffered by civilians in war is gut wrenching to see up close. We’ve been shown photos of burning bodies, walked through bombed out buildings, had a little girl explain to us how she was taught avoid cluster munitions on the way to school. Marla has been capturing it all on video, so be sure to scroll down to watch the clips.

Particularly endearing is a little boy you’ll meet when we have the bandwidth to post the video. He’s about 8 or 9 years old, living in Qana – a town that suffered the deaths of 120 women and children hiding out in a UN building in 1996. The town was hit hard again in the 2006 war, after which this little boy picked up a cluster dud that caught fire and severely burned his back. We lifted up his shirt and saw the mangled flesh, now made somewhat better by doctors.

More soon… Cheers all, Sarah