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    CIVIC is a Washington-based non-profit organization that believes the civilians injured and the families of those killed should be recognized and helped by the warring parties involved.

    On this blog, you will find stories from our travels around the world as we meet with civilians and military, aid organizations and government in our quest to get war victims the help they need.

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PAKISTAN: Figuring out Pakistan

By Chris

As many of you know, CIVIC documented the stories of civilians in conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan, and ensured they received help.  Now we hope to do the same in Pakistan.

As CIVIC’s representative in Pakistan I’ll document civilian harm in the current armed conflict and advocate for assistance to the people suffering losses.

One of our partners here is the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan  (HRCP, http://hrcpblog.wordpress.com/), a well-respected human rights organization with offices throughout the country.  HRCP’s activities cover a wide range of human rights issues in Pakistan, including protection of civilians in conflict.

My first goal here is to map what help currently exists for war victims—both Pakistani and international.  In the coming weeks I’ll meet with a wide range of people, from humanitarians to government officials, to learn more about what assistance is being offered and what gaps exist. We don’t want to see any civilian left without recognition and help.