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    On this blog, you will find stories from our travels around the world as we meet with civilians and military, aid organizations and government in our quest to get war victims the help they need.

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A bit of background

Posted By: Marla B

Afghanistan is increasing contentious and bloody battlefields from Kabul to Kandahar call attention war’s devastating impact on civilians. We believe the US and its allies have a chance to do what their military manuals say they should do: win the hearts and minds of the Afghan population with humanity and compassion.

Last year we urged the US State Department to champion and NATO to create a fund for war victims. They have done so, but the effort remains under-funded and certainly doesn’t get help to all the Afghans who need it. With civilians increasingly angered by US and NATO troops, it’s time US and NATO forces stepped up to the plate. It’s time they create a program worthy of the losses suffered by civilians caught in the crossfire of this war.

Behind the scenes, we’ve been educating the NATO Secretary-General, European countries, the US military and ambassadors alike on appropriate measures for war victims. But we knew we needed an on-the-ground presence to make things happen.

We are please to introduce Erica – the newest member of CIVIC’s team. She’ll be based in Afghanistan starting next week. Erica will coordinate CIVIC’s policy recommendations on the ground to make sure the warring parties help the civilians they harm. She will go “into the field” to gather the stories of war victims themselves to make CIVIC’s case for aid back in Washington, in Brussels and in Kabul.

We are excited to have Erica working for war victims where it matters most!